Weekend Wandering

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My Weekend Wandering this weekend

When the weather isn’t up to scratch (well, it is the UK!)

On the weekends I like nothing more than to wander around the area I live, usually that’s Shoreditch, Brick Lane and Flower markets for a Coffee or a rummage through a vintage shop and market stalls.

This weekend I went wandering to my local Garden Centre which has to be the nicest garden centre ever in North London! ( not only do they have a beautiful place showcasing their greenery but their website is full of how to tips and upcoming events and the staff are super helpful and friendly.

As soon as I walked in I was hit by lots of colour and inspiration!

Large trees and plants in vivid greens just makes you feel like you’re in a Jungle!

Then you have the weird and wonderful plants and Cactus which look like something from another world. But the weirder the better as they make for interesting styling around the home and a conversation piece for sure!

The purple berries on this instantly gave me a Winter Wonderland vibe as the colour is so vivid and I’ve started seeing them more in styling shoots and amongst beautiful bouquets of flowers.

 The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, in this case it’s Blue and Silver!

Stunning bright red stalks on this tree instantly gives colour amongst the green around it.

Oh and they stock more than just plants, they have a beautiful selection of Vases and pots for your plants.

More autumnal colour to inspire you.
If you’re ever in North London I highly recommend a trip to this Garden Centre to admire the full range of plants and trees they have.

You can also check out their Blog too at ( ) which is full of great advice on how to care for your Urban world 🙂


That’s my weekend wandering, what do you do on the weekend to be inspired?           Do you have a hidden gem in your area?
Paul 🙂

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