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In my opinion, getting Crafty with friends is SO the new Book club! (not that I’ve ever been to a book club) but there’s nothing more Satisfying than creating beautiful things with friends and a Glass of wine or 4 and getting our Crafternoon going!


Himmeli Styling

So this weekend I got my Craft on! I have previously made these before for the first time and ever since, I’ve been hooked!

So what are they you must be thinking….. well they are actually called ‘Himmeli

Himmeli sculptures are little geometric mobiles that were originally made as a Finnish Christmas ornaments, to be hung up in the house and on the tree.

But I have seen them popping up everywhere, and most shops here in London do charge a pretty penny for them! So that’s why I decided to make my own, not only are they Super easy to make, but they are great to do with Friends or Family on a Wintery Saturday or Sunday afternoon, especially during these cold winter days running up to Christmas.

I mean who doesn’t love Handmade! It’s all about Craft Craft Craft! and the latest hashtag trend is #crafternoon 


Originally they used to be made out of Drinking straws, which I would actually suggest using before using Metal Piping, to give you an idea how it all works and looks.

You simply measure how big you want it and cut away, using Drinking Straws and string, it’s VERY inexpensive yet VERY effective!


You can hang them as they are, put them on the coffee table, on a shelf and best of all, I find they look best with an Air Plant inside!

I get my Airplants from GeoFleur

I could have done a Step-by-Step but we had already cut the pieces so maybe next time I will write a Step by Step post, but for now enjoy what I created and I hope it inspires you to Create your own.

There is a Youtube video below to show you how to make one! p.s It’s Addictive!


Here’s a list of items you need to make one:

Drinking Straws you can get anywhere! (Free from lots of Coffee Shops)

String or Fishing Wire

Metal Tubing (6mm) – I get mine from B&Q or Leyland

Pipe Cutter, again most Hardware stores stock these

Patience, I’m not gonna lie but you need Patience and lots of it as it can be very fiddly, but once you master it, off you go!


Any questions about supplies or anything, Please contact me and I’ll help you 🙂

Himelli Craft styling

Himelli Styling

Himmeli Styling

craft himmeli


Shelf Styling with Himmeli


Himmeli with Air Plant


As you can see, I made various shapes and sizes and used different metals, the silver one wasn’t my favourite but it worked when I put a cute little air plant inside, being even more crafty!


So there you have it, beautiful Geometric Decor for the home, very stylish and very on trend, don’t pay high street prices, make your own! 🙂


This video helped me get started on making them, and now I can’t stop!

So if you enjoyed this post, let me know if you make your own and share, also use the Has#tag #Crafternoon for fellow crafters to see!


Paul 🙂

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