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Recently, I decided to get back into learning more about the Software I used to use at Uni, I want to keep my creativity going and make sure I don’t forget important Skills to enhance my skill set as a Designer.

I came across The Sketchup Hub about a year ago and I have been following it on Instagram and Facebook, then I decided to take the whole course last week, and BOY have I not regretted it one bit!

Anita Brown who runs the Online Courses explains clearly, precisely and easily step by step on creating your very first floor plan, the course dives deeper into creating more textures and effects to make your floor plans pop.

I have only just finished section 4 and after completing the Photoshop side of things I decided to write this post in a wee bit of a excitement.

I am a Photoshop geek and I’m completely in love with my very first floor plan created from scratch.

Yes there is a lot more to do and a lot more to learn, but here is my first floor plan showing a basic line drawing to a simple yet effective textured layout.

Floor Plan in Sketchup

Here is the basic floor plan layout, following instructions precisely I was thrilled because it looked so neat and tidy to the very last millimetre 

Enhanced using Photoshop

Adding shadows, highlights and low lights, here is the finished floor plan from the first 4 parts of the course, how cool does it look!

Go check out The Sketchup Hub Website Here

and If you’re on Instagram, go give it a like too!


Let me know what you think in the comments, are you looking to learn more about creating beautiful floor plans to WOW your clients?



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  • Anita Brown Design Studio

    Thank you so much for giving the SketchUp Hub an awesome shout-out on your blog! I’m so delighted that your creativity has been ignited and that you are enjoying the online courses so much! Well done with the progress you’re making so far. You’re a natural! 🙂

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