Sketchup Learning – Elevation and Watercolour effect

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refund'd desk
window elevation complete
Recently I posted about the Sketchuphub courses I've been doing

Original post here

Anita Brown who runs the Online Courses explains clearly, precisely and easily step by step on creating your very first floor plan, the course dives deeper into creating more textures and effects to make your floor plans pop.
I have only just finished section 4 and after completing the Photoshop side of things I decided to write this post in a wee bit of a excitement.

This part of the course was about creating a Window Elevation and then enhancing it in Photoshop to create a magical Watercolour effect.

Once I had finished this part of the course, I had to step back and really take a moment to realise that I had done this from Scratch, feeling immensely proud right now!

window elevation treatment

Initial Line Drawing of the Window Elevation

Creating the basic  lines and shapes of the window elevation and then the furniture, following the course precisely ensuring everything is mm perfect.

Adding textures, then Watrercolour effect

Once all the furniture was chosen and the textures added, it was then onto Photoshop to add the Watercolour effect for the final look, so happy with my very first watercolour elevation!

What do you think? Can you see the effect I was going for?

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