Brief / Cubic Living
Response / Rubiks Cube

Sketching out my Ideas based on the Cubic form, then was inspired by using a Rubiks Cube as my main source of Design Ideas.

Using Digital techniques to perfect my Design

Photo’s of Rubiks Cube Shapes to get inspiration for the final design

Rubiks Cube and Digital Sketches

Photo manipulation

Using Sketchup to visualise the architectural form of the building

Designing stairs in a way that would still show as much space in the Interior as possible 

Digital visuals of how the stairs would appear inside

Here is the final side view of the Building, using Sketchup and Photoshop techniques

Using the angle idea from the Rubiks cube, this is demonstrated on this model, the middle of the building would be all glass to allow as much light in as possible
Using the laser cutter to etch elements such as doors and windows
Keeping 2 sides as flat roof to keep the cubic element