New Year!

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Happy new year everyone! 

I won’t be Cliché and do the whole ‘new year, new me’ crap! 

Ha, but I thought I’d do a little post that’s all about me and my personal life really. 

This year there will be Goals, and yes I will do my best to do them but as a Human being, I can only do what’s reachable I suppose! 

I’ve recently started blogging again and it’s something I’m trying my best to devote time to, but having a full time physical and challenging job it can be tricky. 

(Currently writing this sat on a window ledge of a 2 Million pound property)

The company I work for rents and sells furniture to property developers to make them look pretty and sellable. 

So yeah, a bit about me also, my current situation is I’m working for a furniture company, it’s not ideal but it’s a job. I spend almost every day applying for my ideal job, Junior Interior Design or most recently I’m wanting to get into the events and styling side of things. But day after day I get those “Sorry, but you have been unsuccessful this time” < Seeing more than 100 of those is enough to knock my confidence for sure – Even though I have an Interior Design degree, it makes me think was 3 years at Uni even worth it!?

But I do go about my days, working hard in this Big City they call London! 

I must say though, there are people out there that inspire me daily! Especially when I see their current works and projects makes me want it even more, those people are 

Sarah Akwisombe – Her blog and outlook on life is on point, her way of just being out there and not taking things too seriously really makes me start to think like her, and her approach to helping new bloggers is amazing. Check her out (Sarah Akwisombe
2 Lovely Gays – Ever since watching the Great Interior Design Challenge on BBC 2 I always loved seeing people just like me working on amazing projects and having the opportunity to do what they love. I was always a fan of Jordan’s work since he was on it a few years back! And seeing him and his partner Russell become an amazing interior duo really pushes me and inspires me daily! 

Oh and I even won a competition of theirs and got me a gorgeous Instax 70 Camera! 

(2 Lovely Gays)

So if you’re reading this and thinking you want to work with me, offer me a branch then please contact me, get me away from a job I don’t particularly want to do. 

New year, new goals! 

  • Improve my Photography Skills
  • Update my website
  • New Career
  • Network LOTS
  • Attend plenty of Design Events
  • Decide what to do for my 30th!! Eek!



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