Welcome to Copper Weave

Copper Weave is a new name for my crafty hobby – Tapestry Weaving.

I’m new to weaving, so I want to share what I am creating.

I also want to inspire you to experiment and learn through many different channels.

There are many websites and Instagram accounts to learn from and if you have the ability to attend a weaving class, then definitely recommend to do so.

There are more than one way to do things, so it is very valuable to learn from many different people.

If you have an questions or anything, just send me an email at hello@designandbeyond.co.uk and if possible, I will help!

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My first weave!

I picked up my first tapestry weaving kit from the lovely ladies at The London Loom 

As soon as I got home I couldn’t wait to get started, having never used one before the instruction book was simple and easy to follow, from setting the loom up to the different types of knots and weaving.

I am super proud of my first small weave, it hangs proudly in my bedroom.

What do you guys think?

I decided to have a go at creating a fabric themed logo for my Instagram, pretty happy with my results.