Concrete & Copper Lamp DIY

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Concrete and Copper Lamp – made by me!

So after having an amazing Industrial Ladder Desk made for me (post on that coming soon, I decided to style it in a style that I really like – I N D U S T R I A L


Because I have such a passion for Industrial Interiors, it was a no brainer to have a desk made for me using the most raw and exposed materials!

Plywood and Steel Feels! but anyway, that’s another blog post coming soon I promise!

So, when looking for a nice lamp for my desk, I was searching for the right one, I wanted Edgy, Industrial and it to be material-centric!

But looking around London and online either proved

A) Too Expensive

B) Too Expensive

C) Hard to find the right one… which is why I decided to make my own!

After a few, ok, LOTS of Pinterest searches of “Industrial Lighting” I noticed a theme going on which was ‘DIY LAMP’ – I saw a lot of beautiful copper lamps and concrete ones too, so that got my Creative juices flowing!

I woke up on a Sunday morning, mind full of ideas and I was ready to make my perfect lamp!


I won’t make this a DIY tutorial post, but I will kind of explain how I did it without boring the hell out of you.


Copper Piping
Pipe Cutter
Cable Wiring

Were all I needed! So simple yet so effective!

First of all, I decided to use a standard bottle bottom for the mould, not only do they look amazing but it was a no-brainer too, as the wire can fit snugly through it with no need to create a pass-through.

concrete base mould

Concrete setting inside the bottle mould

Using quick drying concrete was even more exciting as it only took 30 mins for it to become solid! (perfect for me, as I have no patience)


Once the concrete had dried, I had my base and could see this coming together nicely!



Now, the only thing left to do was to insert the beautiful red cable and attach the corners of the copper pipe to create the lovely shape.


Here it is!
concrete copper lampconcrete copper lampconcrete copper lamp


It’s surprising how amazingly simple this was to make, and it has inspired me to create a collection so watch this space!

What do you guys think!? Let me know below!

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