I’m Paul and this is my blog Designandbeyond

Designandbeyond is where I  share  my favourite finds and discoveries in interior design, decoration and styling.

When I’m not working (full time in an Office) I can be found hunting down some of the most amazing interior styles, trends and photography!

On this blog, I’ll share my design loves – products, places, people, plants and events from the world around me, as well as a mix of all the visual stimuli that catches my eye from all parts of the world – things that I crush on and especially stylish products – both new and old, trends and new inspirations.

I’m also hugely into Green living, bringing plants and flowers into the home really gives a fresh and exciting look and you can’t go wrong with beautiful plants in your home, it’s a no-brainer!

If I’m not in a funky shop looking for cool finds or a a trendy coffee shop, then I’ll be at Columbia Road Flower market on a Sunday admiring the amazing plants and flowers for sale. (Total Insta-worthy!)

Be sure to check my Blogs page to see my favourite bloggers and websites that I check daily for inspiration.

Paul 🙂

You can also check my CV Here

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